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Solenoid Control System

Hardware Reference Manual in PDF

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Solenoid Control System
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Power Supplies
  • Compact

  • Plug-and-Play

  • Stand-alone

  • Runs Multiple Devices Simultaneously

  • Complete Unit Integrates Controller, Power Supplies and Drivers

  • Quick and Easy to Install

  • Very Compact and Easy to Use

  • Capable of Running Script Command

  • Different Modes of Operation:
    1) Host Controlled

    2) Stand-alone, No PC Required to Operate
Typical Applications
  • Life Cycling

  • Endurance Testing

  • Shock and Vibration Testing

  • Vibration Cancellation


  • Easy System Setup and Evaluation

  • Menu Driven

  • Free Software Included



The Solenoid Control System is designed for Cycling and Endurance Testing of electro-mechanical components like solenoids, relays, electromagnets, motors, actuators.

The system may be used as both an engineering evaluation and production quality assurance tool. Each system may drive up to thirty two independent devices with different actuation profiles.

The typical applications of the tester is life cycling of the solenoids, electro-magnets, relays, motors, voice coil motors, actuators, valves, keyboards, switches, and other applicable devices. The other applications of LC tester is testing and evaluation of shock and vibration systems.

The compact and stand-alone unit consists of controller,  drivers, and the power supplies. It conveniently connects to the serial port of the host computer.

The system may be controlled in different ways;

1) Stand-alone
In this mode, the controller does not need an external device such as a PC to operate. The controller is programmed in a simple programming language. The code is developed, downloaded to the controller, run and saved in the controller's non-volatile memory using the supplied Integrated Development Environment (IDE) software.

2) Externally Controlled
In this mode, the external host such as a PC, micro-controller or PLC sends a series of commands to the controller via the RS-232 serial port. The controller processes and performs the incoming commands and responds with proper messages.

3) Externally Triggered
In this mode, the external host such as a PC, micro-controller or PLC sends the controlling pulses to activate the solenoids.


The system interfaces to a wide variety of analog and digital transducers to monitor the output process. These include LVDTs, RVDTs, Proximity Sensors, Accelerometers, Optical Encoders, Laser Interferometers, Pressure Sensors and other similar devices.


  • Linear and Rotary Solenoids
  • Voice Coil Actuators

Actuator Driver
  • Excellent Linearity
  • Pulse Width Modulated (PWM)
  • Wide Output Voltage
  • High Output Current

  • Current Controlled or Voltage Controlled


  • Size: 10.0'' (254.0 mm) W X  10.8" (265.0 mm) D X 4.875" (124.0 mm) H

  • Material: Aluminum, 0.09" (2.3 mm) Thickness

  • Available in 19" Rack Mount Enclosure

Power Requirement

  • 115 VAC, 50 ~ 60 Hz Or

  • 230 VAC, 50 ~ 60 Hz Or

  • +12 VDC to +50 VDC


Communication Interface
  • RS-232 Interface

Feedback Devices
  • Proximity Sensors
  • LVDTs and RVDTs
  • Laser Interferometers

  • Pressure Transducers

  • Any Analog Signal
  • Absolute and Incremental Optical Encoders

General Specifications
  • LED Power Indicator

  • High Performance Line Filter

  • Compact Industrial Enclosure

  • Drives up to 32 Devices Simultaneously


Ordering Information

Part No. Description Amount
LCET-PH-xx Solenoid Control System, Incorporating Pick and Hold Module Click to Get a Quote
LCET-PWM-xx Solenoid Control System, Incorporating PWM Module Unit Click to Get a Quote
LCET-EXT-xx Solenoid Control System,  Incorporating Pick and Hold Module, Externally Triggered Click to Get a Quote

xx denotes the number of the solenoid drivers.



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