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Motorized X-axis Linear Positioning Stage

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motorized Single-axis Linear Positioning Stage Picture

This motorized X axis positioning is made of aluminum alloy.

The stage size is 40 x 40 mm.

The Range of Travel is 15 mm.

The Load Capacity is 6 kg.

The resolution is 0.5 micron per micro-step. The micro-stepper resolution is assumed to be 10 micro-steps per step.

The typical repeatability accuracy is +/- 2 micro-meters.

The typical positioning accuracy is 25 micro-meters.

The maximum speed is 5 mm/sec.

Part No.. Axis Table Size (mm) Range of Travel (mm) Load Capacity (kg) Resolution
 ( micron when the motor driver resolution is10 micro-steps / step )
Typical Repeatability Accuracy
 ( micron)
Typical Positioning Accuracy
( micron)
Maximum Speed


X 40 x 40 15 6 0.5 +/- 2 25 5

Stepper Motor Driven Mechanical Drawing

 Ordering Information

Part No. Description Amount
AX40-A1VR-ND Motorized X-axis Linear Positioning Stage, Right Side Connector Click to Get a Quote

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