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Motion Control Console


Reference Manual
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  • Compact

  • Plug-and-Play

  • Quick and Easy to Install

  •  Easy to Use

  •  No Programming is Required

  • Low Power Consumption

  • 4-Line LCD

  • 32-button Keypad
  • Outputs STEP and DIRECTION Signals per Axis

  • Different Modes of Operation

     1) Keypad with Display

    2) Optional Joystick

  • Optional Quadrature Encoder Feedback

  • Set Acceleration

  • Set Velocity

  • Set Position

  • Absolute Move

  • Relative Move

  • Find Home

  • Reset Position Counter

  • Go to Position Zero

  • Joystick

  • Stop All Motors



The ADANTE series of stepper and servo motor controllers is designed
to control up to three axes of motion for the user without prior motion control experience.

It integrates a motion control card and operator interface in one package. The user friendly interface allows the user to operate the controller without needing a PC, PLC, host controller or programming.

These are the mode of operations: Set Acceleration, Set Velocity, Set Position, Absolute Move, Relative Move, Find Home, Reset Position Counter, Go to Position Zero, Joystick Operation and Stop All Motors.

This module requires external motor drivers.

The module can also be operated using an analog joystick or a trackball. The speed of the motor is proportional to the tilt angle of the joystick or the rotational speed of the trackball.

Operating Reference Manual in PDF

Ordering Information


Part No. Description Amount
ADANTE-1-01 Single-axis Motion Controller Console, Outputs are Step and Direction Signals Click to Get a Quote


Part No. Description Amount
ADANTE-2-01 Dual-axis Motion Controller Console, Outputs are Step and Direction Signals per Axis Click to Get a Quote


Part No. Description Amount
ADANTE-3-01 Triple-axis Motion Controller Console, Outputs are Step and Direction Signals per Axis Click to Get a Quote

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