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Solid Core XXY Alignment Alignment Stage

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The XYR-300-400 Alignment Stage, which offers +/- 3 micron accuracy, +/- 15 mm of travel in the X and Y axes and +/- 5 degrees of rotation (theta).

It also features linear resolutions of the X and Y axis of 1 micron resolution with a 10 micro-steps per step motor driver and static parallelism of less than 0.05 mm.

The two-phase stepper motors are standard; however, servo motors with quadrature optical encoders are also available as an option.

The 8mm diameter and 2mm per-turn precision ball screws and preloaded V-groove and crossed roller bearings add to its precision and stiffness.

The stage’s table is 300 x 300mm and has threaded holes, plus a 110 x 110 mm opening for optics, cables, etc.. The base plate is 400 x 400 mm and the height of the alignment stage is just 98 mm.

This stage requires a Motion Controller that can be ordered as a complete plug-and-play system with RS-232, USB, joystick, trackball, and keypad control.

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Mechanical Specifications

Model No. Outline dimensions (mm) Table
Size (mm)
Size (mm)
Gear Ratio Range of Travel Load Capacity (kg)
W D H X Y θ X (mm) Y (mm) θ (Deg)
XXY-200-230 400 400 98 400 x 400 N/A 2 mm per Rev 2 mm per Rev 0.888° per Rev +/- 15 +/- 15 +/- 5 50

Stepper Motor Driven Mechanical Drawing


Please Click to get the STEP file.

Electrical Connection

Pin No.


Two-Phase Stepper Motor (1.8°) Bi-directional
Typical Phase Current 1.7 Amp
DB-9 Male Connector Pin Assignment and Description
1 +5 VDC for the Limit Sensors
2 Far End Limit Switch
Open Collector or Normally Open
Needs Pull up Resistor (typically 1000 Ohms)
3 Near Motor Limit Switch
Open Collector or Normally Open
Needs Pull up Resistor (
typically 1000 Ohms)
4 Return for+5 VDC
5 Not Connected
6 Stepper Motor Phase A+
7 Stepper Motor Phase A-
8 Stepper Motor Phase B+
9 Stepper Motor Phase B-


 Ordering Information

Part No. Description Amount


XXY Alignment Stage, Travel +/- 15 mm by +/- 5 Degrees Click to Get a Quote

Motion Controllers
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