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DC and Brushless Servo Motor Driver

Data Sheet in PDF

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  • Runs DC and Brushless Servo Motors

  • Four Quadrant Regenerative Operation

  • Space Vector Modulation (SVM) Technology

  • Fully Digital State-of-the-art Design

  • Programmable Gain Settings

  • Fully Configurable Current, Voltage, Position Limits

  • PIDF Velocity Loop

  • PID + FF Position Loop
  • Up to 12 Amp Motor Output

  • +20 VDC to +80 VDC Power Supply

  • Protected Against Over Current

  • Built-in Signal Generator, Sinusoidal, Square Wave and Triangular

  • 20 KHz PWM Frequency

  • No Tachometer Feedback Needed

  • 0 șC to 70 șC Operating Temperature

  • 3.00" (76.2 mm) X 2.95" (74.9 mm) X 1.7'' (43.2 mm)

Modes of Operation
  • Current

  • Velocity

  • Position


Command Source

  • Encoder Following

  • ±10 V Analog

  • Step and Direction

Feedback Supported
  • Hall Effect Sensor

  • Incremental Encoder

  • ±10 V Analog

  • Auxiliary Incremental Encoder

Inputs / Output

  • 2 High Speed Captures

  • 1 Programmable Analog Input (12-bit Resolution)

  • 2 Programmable Digital Inputs (Differential)

  • 3 Programmable Digital Inputs (Single-Ended)

  • 3 Programmable Digital Outputs (Single-Ended)

Compliances and Agency Approvals

  • UL

  • cUL

  • CE Class A (LVD)

  • CE Class A (EMC)

  • RoHS

This series is a high performance, cost effective servo motor driver to implement intelligent Motion Control. The driver incorporates an advanced architecture and surface mount technology to achieve an exceptional power density.

The SRVODRV-806 digital servo drive is designed to drive brushed and brushless servomotors from a compact form factor ideal for embedded applications. This fully digital drive operates in torque, velocity, or position mode and employs Space Vector Modulation (SVM), which results in higher bus voltage utilization and reduced heat dissipation compared to traditional PWM. The command source can be generated internally or can be supplied externally. In addition to motor control, this drive features dedicated and programmable digital and analog inputs and outputs to enhance interfacing with external controllers and devices.

The SRVODRV-806 features a RS-232 interface for drive configuration and setup as well as a RS-485 interface for drive networking. Drive commissioning is accomplished using the supplied software.

All drive and motor parameters are stored in non-volatile memory.

Ordering Information

Part No. Description Amount
SRVODRV-8006 Digital Servo Motor Driver, up to +80 VDC Power Supply, 12 Amps (8.4 RMS) Maximum Current,  6 (4.2 RMS) Amps Continuous Current Click to Get a Quote
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